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I have been a stay at home mom for the last 5 years. I love being with my children and feel so blessed and lucky to have the opportunity to do so, but I often get lost in the shuffle of it all. I have tried to lose weight and get in shape many times in my life, with varying degrees of success. It has seemed especially hard since having kids. So, I've decided to sliver out a little piece of time for myself to get back in shape and get back to feeling good about myself. I am hoping that this blog will help me find an outlet to talk about my experiences and find a community of people who have similar goals. I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Winging it

So, I am in New Hampshire. I am typing this blog entry on my mother's iPad which is pretty cool, but very strange. I wanted to run this morning, however, both my parents went to work before 6:00 and I was way too tired from two days of travel to get up that early. Also, as it turns out, I forgot to pack my running shoes. When my husband reads this, he is going to think that this was intentional, but it really wasn't. I ran the morning I left for the trip and simply forgot to throw my shoes in the suitcase before I left. So, I went and got new shoes this afternoon. I've wanted to get some for a while, so this was not really a great tragedy.

I ended up visiting my old B.J.'s store, Runner's Alley in Nashua, NH. He spent a great deal of time helping me find the right shoe and in the end I went with some Saucony Progrid Guide 3 running shoes. If you are in this area, I highly recommend you give Runner's Alley a chance to earn your business. I feel confidant you will not be sorry you did!

After buying the shoes, I returned to my folk's place and my brother and his kids were there, so I spent time with them, had some dinner, bathed my daughter and got her to bed. Then finally, it was time for me to go for my run. I was to begin week 6 today, however, for some reason, I did not have the week 6 podcasts on my iPod and my C25K program printout was in the room was daughter was sleeping in, so I decided that I would simply run. It was not the greatest I've ever felt running. I think it was because: (a) I was running after a meal in the evening and I am used to running early in the morning on an empty stomach, (b) I forgot to grab my inhaler out of my suitcase before I left, and (c) while it is far from oppressively hot here, it was much warmer and more humid than I am used to it being while I run. In short, it was not exactly the run of my life. Better luck next time. That will be on Friday and I intend to run early and most likely inside on the treadmill. Wish me luck! Despite a less Han stellar outing, I remain as certain as ever that I can do it!

(p.s... It is very difficult to edit this on the iPad, so please excuse typos. when I can get on to a computer, I will come back and fix any mistakes.)


  1. Sounds like a busy couple of days. Don't worry about the quality of your run the main point is you still went out and did it. You can do this!

  2. Good job on getting your run in! Good luck on the treadmill....I haven't had to do that yet on the C25K, but now that it's getting really humid, I'll have to do it too!