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I have been a stay at home mom for the last 5 years. I love being with my children and feel so blessed and lucky to have the opportunity to do so, but I often get lost in the shuffle of it all. I have tried to lose weight and get in shape many times in my life, with varying degrees of success. It has seemed especially hard since having kids. So, I've decided to sliver out a little piece of time for myself to get back in shape and get back to feeling good about myself. I am hoping that this blog will help me find an outlet to talk about my experiences and find a community of people who have similar goals. I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Week 4, Day 3 - not every day can be a good day

I want to be honest here, so I have to start by saying that today sucked.  I was awake for hours last night and when I was just on the verge of falling back asleep and able to catch an hour of precious slumber before the alarm went off, my daughter woke up.  All she wanted was her pacifier and she went right back to sleep, but I would not be so lucky.  So, a few minutes before 6:00, I got out of bed, drank some water and scarfed down a banana.  I don't usually eat before I run, but I figured I had the time to let it sit and digest before I hit the pavement, so I gave it a try.

I don't know if it was the lack of sleep or the food in my stomach or both, but this run never felt good to me from the start.  I finished each run interval, but labored through them all.  Try as I might to think positive thoughts, each gruelling minute seemed to last an eternity and I felt nauseous the entire time.  Normally, I really enjoy walking at the end of the last run interval and intentionally go further than I need to so I have a good 3/4 - 1 mile to  cool down, but today it was tough.  My legs were rubbery and slow and it seemed like I would never get home.  It was, of course, raining, but the one bright spot in this morning's workout was the beautiful rainbow I got to see along the way.

Some days are just going to be like that I guess.  I'm glad I pushed through, but I wish I felt better about it.  I have a wedding to go to on Saturday in a nice grove in the Redwoods.  We are camping there afterwards and I decided that there was so much happening that morning to get me ready and out the door that I was going to repeat one more week 4  workout rather than trying to take on something new and unknown.  I'm glad I decided that in advance, because after today, I definitely am not feeling like I am ready for week 5 yet.  Hopefully, like every other 4th workout I do, I kick its ass and move on the next day.

I'm sorry, my friends, that I was not able to sprinkle a little ray of sunshine today.  As much as I try to be positive, I am also trying to be honest, so there you have it.  I wish you all the best in your runs today or tomorrow and leave you with this though...if I could get up today and finish this run, despite feeling tired and sick to my stomach, the YOU CAN DO IT too!


  1. Well you did better than me, you got out there and did it! I was supposed to go on my run this morning and just couldn't do it. My baby boy (15 months) was just awful last night. My sleep was terrible. And when the alarm went off this morning, I said heck no. I am going to go out this evening, so I'm not skipping my run today.

    And you are right, not every day can be an awesome running day. But the point is you got out there, and you completed your run. And THAT is the most important part. Next run, you are gonna kick serious butt.

  2. Well done for running today :)

    Much as we love it when you're positive its much more important for us to be honest with ourselves and each other and some days the runs just don't gel and are just pain unpleasant hard work. The main thing to remember is we are doing this running at our speed, listening to our bodies and we move on when we're ready.

  3. Thanks for the honesty. We all have days like that and it's actually kind of nice to hear that others do too.

    There must be something going on. My little one was up all night too. I don't know what her deal was. We couldn't get her to sleep more than 10 minutes in her room last night (normally she goes and stays down really well). My hubby and I took turns with her in the recliner. Ugh! I'm dragging today!

  4. Thanks for being honest. I'm really impressed that you got through it on no sleep!

  5. What is wrong with all the young children out there??? SLEEP!

  6. No kidding! I just had to get up and go. I haven't missed a run day yet and I was afraid that if I did today then it weould be all too easy for it to keep happening...the slippery slope fear. Tomorrow will be better. I thank you all for your support though. It ALWAYS helps when you have a low day to know that you're not alone...somehow it feels a little less lonely ! Happy slumber tonight to the wee little ones and to their mamas too!

  7. But you finished it, I admire that. I'm glad to read real journey's that are not sugar coated.